R&D of new antiviral drugs

Infectious diseases caused by viruses are seriously endanger human health. In our modern world with changed climates, overpopulations in large urban areas, or pollutants to alter the lung and/or immune systems, these viruses have become real threats for our societies. The current on going coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic not only causes a big health crisis on all segments of populations but also has a huge impact on community, economy and people’s lives. Scientists of all over the world are currently speeding to find treatments for curing and preventing the COVID-19 infections.

Our drug target screening technology is particularly important with regards to viral infections, since viruses typically require and hijack essential and evolutionary ancient host cell structures for their life cycle. In a proof of concept anti-viral screen, we already identified some potential and novel drug targets for Rhinoviruses, the cause of the most frequent human disease in the world, the Common Cold.