New Drug Target Development

AngalBio's unprecedented technology is designed to explore the yet undruggable molecular universe for diseases that are a threat to human health as well as the deconvolution of the mode of action of natural compounds. This enables us to develop first-in-class treatment opportunities in the areas of cancer and life-threatening diseases based on novel drug target structures.

Through our unique forward genetic screening platform, we provide high-resolution information on molecular drug targets, uncover hidden efficacies and predict potential resistance mechanisms of candidate compounds. This information will be validated with unmatched reliability to set a solid fundament for innovative ‘first-in-class’ drug development projects.

By applying our cutting-edge technology with a strong team of world leading scientific experts we have the capability to deliver the next break-through drug.

Based on the advanced genetic screening platform, the unique genomic library technology and the powerful bioinformatics analysis platform, combined with the development trend of new drug development in the world as well as the demandss of the Chinese drug market, Angalbio currently focuses on two major areas: the development of natural compound drugs and the development of antiviral drugs.